Equality & Diversity

All Genr8 projects are designed to ensure that the benefits that arise from regeneration are shared throughout the community.

At corporate level, Genr8 has a strict policy promoting Equality and Diversity and ensuring all job applicants receive fair and equal treatment regardless of sex, marital status, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation.

At a project level Genr8 will ensure it’s aspirations for locally shared benefits are carried out by it’s contractors and that selected contracting partners are equally committed to offering long term solutions to local people. Long term vision, effective monitoring, and evaluation is essential in stimulating economic activity beyond the construction phase.  All Genr8 projects have a Training and Employment Strategy at their core, comprising of interrelated programmes including:

  • Improving basic numeracy and literacy
  • Specific training in the skills needed for work during the construction and refurbishment phases
  • Assistance in defining employment opportunities and placing suitable candidates
  • Further on-the-job skills improvement training
  • Training and placing of local residents in continuing employment to underpin the future sustainability of the community


Genr8 will always seek to partner with local training providers, business in the community groups and community champions. It is important that whilst broad aspirations are met, ensuring employment opportunity for those seeking work, both inconstruction and in office, retail and community work, that specific local needs are also met.